Tournament information:

Hello everyone! Today we want to talk about an important part of the tournaments: the formats. First of all, I invite you to read last year's rules as a lot of the tournament will be similar:…

Precision, High Precision, and Doubles will be similar to last year: first, seedings through King Of The Hill, then players will be separated into Lower and Upper Brackets, where they will fight on Double Elimination format.

- King Of The Hill (KOTH / Qualifications): This is the same system used during previous years. Several rounds will be played. Each round, you gain points according to your position. The sum of the points of all rounds determines your qualifier ranking.

- Double Elimination - Group Bracket: Sample for 16 players brackets:
This format starts like a classic double elimination bracket. You start on the winner bracket, and play 1v1 until you lose (or you reach the final round).
Once you lose, you move to the loser bracket. However, this part will change a little bit this year: instead of 1v1s, the loser bracket will consist of group matches: you play 1 or 2 songs, and the 1 or 2 best players of the group pass the round while the others are eliminated.

Precision KOTH will be 9-12. Precision Lower Bracket will be 9-11. Precision Upper Bracket will be 10-12.
High Precision KOTH will be 13-17. High Precision Lower Bracket will be 13-15. High Precision Upper Bracket will be 14-17.
Doubles KOTH will be 9-13. Doubles Lower Bracket will be 9-11. Doubles Upper Bracket will be 10-13.

Endurance will be a whole new format: Last Man Standing.
(Disclaimer: the format is still being discussed, so details are not 100% certain yet, this explanation serves more as general information).
Every player will start at difficulty 12. 3 songs will be randomly selected from all 12s in the pack. Players will have to pass 1 of the 3 songs of their choice. You can fail and retry 1 song during the whole tournament, when you fail a second time, you’re eliminated. People who managed to pass 12s will move to 13s, where the exact same process repeats. People will get eliminated as the songs get harder. Once there are only 6 players remaining (as we have 3 cabs, it will mean one per pad), we’ll move onto the final round: an unreleased boss song written specially for the tournament, of unknown difficulty. The top-6 players will have to survive as long as possible during this song, and the winner will be the Last Man Standing on the pad.

The packs are now available for download, grab them at