Silverstone is no more. Luckily the community still has some facilities available! We’ll have three dedicabs and one upgraded DDR cab at the event. That way we’ll have enough capacity for all matches. Unfortunately, at this time the machines still have some issues but we are working on all of them to get them in shape and as close to each other as possible as far as performance and playing experience goes. The upgrade cab will be just for warm up, only the dedicabs will be used for the actual tournament. The dedis all have the same IO/audio and will have the same PC’s to minimize hardware issues. All pads will be modded to the same standard. When all preparatory cab work is done, we’ll have our top players judge them all to be sure they’re tournament-ready.


During the event there will be a livestream to show the whole world what is going down in the Netherlands! All 3 dedis will be connected and covered in the livestream.
There will also be a shoutcast table where hosts will tell attendants and spectators what’s going on, as well as providing comments on the matches (akin to last year’s activities). This will be done from the following Twitch account:

Get on the hype!

If you want to follow everything that’s happening as we work towards the event in July, you can find information and contact us through our social media:
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Of course all of this wouldn’t be possible without the great community that we have now!
The ITG Eurocup 2018 will be made possible by the people from France and the Netherlands. You can interact with the respective communities here:
– FR,
– NL,
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And of course, a thank you to you, for your interest in ITGEC2018!